Boudoir FAQ

Do you share my images online?

With permission we will use select clients images online in order to help other clients understand the types of photos we do.   You gallery will be presented to you in a secure password protected private website.   Only those you share the password with will have access.  

Do you offer retouching?

Yes, every image that that you receive will be retouched to address any any blemishes, scars acne and other minor issues.   Our goal is not to perform major body reshaping, but just to make sure you look like the best you possible.   

Can I bring someone with me to my shoot?

Of course, and we even recommend you do.   We only ask that it be  someone supportive of your session who is willing to help watch for tags, messed up hair.   Please don't bring your children to you shoot, you would think that would be a given, but apparently not.  :) 

Are makeup and hair included?

The State of Ohio regulates who can sell and perform hair and makeup. So unless it is for a group, bridesmaids, girl night out, etc) I tend to just direct the client to a local salon. They can perform for $50 what I would need to charge $100 plus for. That doesn't mean I can't and for clients looking for a complete package I do.

How do I pay for my session?

We take all major credit cards, checks and cash of course.  We offer payment plans for all packages. 

Do I bring my own clothes? How many outfits? Do you have some I can use?

Sessions tend to run with four outfit changes  1) Something of his, shirt and tie, guitar, jersey ... 2) Something of yours: Sweater, white button down top 3) Lingerie: Sometimes a couple different outfits 4) Nudes: Implied, partials or full based on your comfort level.  

That said each session is a truly unique and individual experience customized to that client.   What you bring with you is very much your choice.   

I don't know how to pose.  I'm not a model. Help!

None of our clients are, we will help with posing.  My advice on becoming more comfortable with posing for your session is to practice a little beforehand. Try on your boudoir outfits and hit the bed or a wall, etc. Find some poses on my website or on Pinterest that you’d like to try and see if you can re-create them. Do they work with your body shape?  I tell my clients that if the pose feels a little weird, they’re probably doing it right!

How long does it take to get everything back?

From session to delivery takes about 14 days.  Sometimes a little less depending on the package.   

Do you offer boudoir parties or bridesmaids-type parties?

I offer private mini marathons just for this type of group! It's a great way to bond. Some girls like to have a boudoir party and then have the bachelorette party that night while they're all glammed up with professionally done makeup and hair! Groups of 4 or more receive discounted session rates.

I don't see any nudes on your site, I'm a little embarrassed to ask, but do you offer that type of photography?

Yes, I do offer nude and implied nude options during sessions. I just choose not to display this on the web.

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